Mastercard SecureCode is an internationally recognized security standard for card payments on the Internet. The SecureCode offers additional protection against online card fraud. When the payment is made with SecureCode, the customer can be sure that the online shop is authorized by Mastercard.

When making the first payment at an online shop that uses Mastercard SecureCode, you will be asked to register your card for SecureCode once. Please note that the registration process is set up individually by the card issuer and may therefore be different. The following screenshots show the registration procedure for Swiss Bankers Prepaid Cards.

  1. During the payment process, you will automatically be prompted to register.
  2. Enter the Internet Code you have received together with your prepaid card.
  3. Read the «Terms and Conditions for using Mastercard® SecureCode™» and accept them.
  4. Click «Continue».

  1. After clicking «Continue», a window where you can enter your SecureCode and your Security Message will automatically open.
  2. Choose a SecureCode that is easy to remember – you will need it for all future purchases at online shops. The SecureCode must contain 6-12 characters: letters and numbers (no special characters or spaces, no hyphens or dashes).
  3. Confirm your SecureCode.
  4. Enter a personal Security Message. The latter must contain 1-30 characters. The Security Message will now be displayed during all payments at online shops that use Mastercard® SecureCode™. It is an additional safety element. Your personal Security Message – which is only known to you – gives you additional certainty that the transaction is safe. We recommend using a Security Message that is easily recognizable personally, such as «Susanne's prepaid card».
  5. Click «Register».

  1. Once you have registered your prepaid card for SecureCode, a window prompting you to enter your SecureCode will automatically open during the payment process at all online shops using Mastercard SecureCode.
  2. Verify your personal Security Message. If it is not the Security Message you have set in the registration process, a case of fraud might be involved. In this case, call Swiss Bankers Customer Service immediately at +41 31 710 12 15.
  3. Enter the SecureCode you have set in the registration process.
  4. Click «Submit».
Click the link «Forgot your SecureCode?» during the payment process or call Swiss Bankers Customer Service at +41 31 710 12 15.